Joseph Estee

For 30 years, Joseph Estee has studied and practiced martial arts and hand-to-hand combat methods intensively under master instructors in a number of disciplines and systems. He has earned expert ranks and is certified and accredited as a teaching master. 


Krav Maga – Israeli Hand-to-Hand Combat 

(M1) Master Level 1 (Sixth degree black belt), teaching credentials certified by Krav Maga: Ne'emanei Imi. Mr. Estee is a second generation practitioner, learning combatives from teachers who studied directly with Krav Maga founder, Mr. Imi Lichtenfeld, in Israel, including master teacher James Keenan, a significant contributor to the development of Krav Maga. Mr. Estee began his training in Krav Maga in 1995. 

Taijiquan – Chinese Internal Boxing

Mr. Estee has studied Chinese Internal Boxing since 1995, learning different styles and approaches. These styles include Yang, Chen, Hao, and Sun styles, each of these having unique characteristics for combat. He can trace his lineage through his teachers back to the founders of the systems.

Baguazhang – Eight Character Palm Internal Boxing

Master level practitioner, teaching credentials certified by the Daode Wuxue She (Daode Martial Study Association), trained by teachers in the direct lineage of the arts.

Okinawan Isshinryu Karate 

Nanadan (Seventh degree black belt), Traditional Isshinryu Karatedo Association (TIKA) practitioner and instructor. Mr. Estee began his training in Isshinryu in 1995.

Konanryu Tode

Menkyo-Kaiden teaching credentials certified by Dotokushin Bukyokai (Dotokushin Martial Teaching Association), trained by teachers in the direct lineage of the style from the Nippon Kobudo Rengokai.