Isshin Ryu

Isshin Ryu Karate (One Heart Way) is a balance of hand and footwork. Isshin Ryu Karate (ages 3 and up) is a balance of hand and footwork.

The four major parts of Isshin Ryu are basics, kata, self defense and sparring. These four areas combine to create a well balanced martial artist.

The "basics" are the core of the system and are blocks, punches and kicks. The "kata" is a series of moves that simulates a fight using many of the basics. The "self defense" uses the basics in different combinations with movement. The self defense is practiced with a partner. Self defense is taught to protect against: punches, kicks and grabs. These techniques are taught from a standing position as well as from the ground. Defense is also taught against weapons such as knives, guns and sticks. The "sparring" is full speed self defense. Sparring is in controlled environment with supervision and protective gear. There is light contact to the torso. Sparring is a great tool to teach relaxation, distancing and balance.

OSFMAC Isshin Ryu also teaches weapons (kobodo). Our core weapons are the Bo (long stick) and Sai (short pronged sword). Additional weapons taught are tonfa, kama, and nun-chucks (beginners foam nun-chucks).

History of Isshin Ryu Karate including the lineage and some basic Japanese terminology are part of our school. Some additional key parts of the school are respect, having the students learn to teach/assist and teamwork.

The martial art was developed by Master Tatsuo Shimabuku in Okinawa.

Isshin Ryu karate at OSFMAC part of the IIKF (International Isshin Ryu Karate Federation) system.

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